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Overtime, roofs will fail; it’s just a matter of when. Constant exposure to Ultra Violet Rays and heat will have an effect on all roofs. However, premature failure can be caused by a number of factors, most importantly, inferior materials.

Caribcoat Waterproofing Systems is a fully equipped contractor in the Caribbean that provides the highest quality Waterproofing System from one of the world’s best rated Waterproofing Manufacturer.

When you need a superior quality membrane and a job well done on your commercial or industrial property, contact Caribcoat.


Insulation Sheeting being prepared
for installing on roof

Caribcoat’s Rigid Insulation (Polyisocyanurate Board) comes in various thickness from 1 inch to 4 inches. It consist of a thermally efficient Polyisocyanurate core integrally bonded to a glass fibre reinforced felt facer on both sides. This may be used on metal, wooden or concrete surfaces.

It provides sound insulation, economizes on air conditioning costs, and reduces the flow of heat or cold air. May be textured for ceiling and partition.


Our Liner System is from one of the world’s leading manufacturer of High Density Polyethylene Plastics and plastic welding tools for pond lining and other impermeable membranes.

This prevents leaking in tanks, ponds, lakes or ground water contamination and environmental damage, which may result from the seepage of hazardous chemicals into the earth.

HDPE may also be used on canals, irrigation, steel tanks, dams etc.

The material has been proven through rigorous testing and has achieved World Class Standards.

Contact Caribcoat for further details.


Renda-coat sprayed on buildings above

Renda- coat is a tough acrylic base wall texture used for decoration of external and internal walls.

Texturing is so easy using this material made from rocks and carries an aesthetics appeal.

Renda-coat is available in three grades: fine, medium and heavy and may be applied on wooden, concrete or metal surfaces. Silver or gold glitters may be added to enhance the appeal.


Glaze-coat is a tough, glossy acrylic base coating which may be applied on wall areas where trafficking is heavy such as passage ways and bathrooms.

The Glaze-coat is monolithic (has no joints) where bacteria cannot survive as with joints in tiles. Glazecoat comes with many colours.


When it comes to painting, it is not just applying paint over surface but the care taken in preparing the surface, the quality of paint whether it’s liquid or spray, and applying the guidelines. Preparation is fundamental in any painting job, without a well prepared surface your painting will fail much faster than expected.

Caribcoat has a team, well trained and prepared to take on any challenging job.

Just give us a call.

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